Different Art Galleries

When it comes to art South Africa is blessed with so many artists and different art forms, from tribal art to the more contemporary art works.

Because of this, there are a lot of art galleries scattered all over South Africa especially around the major towns and cities. These galleries sell a lot of original art works made by the local artists and also do regular exhibits that feature home grown artists.

One of the best towns to go to for art galleries is of course the main city of South Africa, Cape Town. Cape Town has four main art galleries, and they are the Table Bay Gallery, Kalk Bay Gallery, Alfred Mall Gallery and the South African Art Collection. I’ll talk about each one of them briefly.

If your hotel is located in the middle of Cape Town, the first gallery you should visit is the Alfred Mall Gallery. The Alfred Mall Gallery is located in the very posh shopping center, V & A Waterfront. The gallery is known for South African prints but they also carry a lot of sculptures and ceramic art works.

Another gallery that you can visit since you are already in V & A Waterfront is the Table Bay Gallery. The Table Bay Gallery is more upper market than the Alfred Mall Gallery because of its custom designed interiors that can house more art works and more diverse types of art works.

If you still want to see more art you can go to the South African Art Collection which is also located at the V & A Waterfront. This art gallery can be found just at the front of the shopping center just besides the Nelson Mandela Museum so it is very easy to find. The difference of this art gallery is that it showcases more of the town arts and safari art.

If you feel the need to get out of the city and into the smaller towns, you can go to the Kalk Bay Gallery. The Kalk Bay Gallery is located at the small fishing village in Kalk Bay, about 20 minutes from Cape Town. The gallery houses the most number of original art works made by South Africans and the bohemian atmosphere outside the gallery is a welcome treat to visitors.