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A Look at Captain Kirk Era

Kirk Cousins have really brought joy and rejuvenated the hopes of Vikings fans and teammates. In his first match, Viking recorded a draw with Packers. He had tremendous skills and a high level of expertise in a way he handled and coordinated with all the team players and availed skills that lacked in the team for a long time. In fact, his actions and performance could only be traced in the era of Daunte Culpepper. The team can never regret bringing Cousins from Washington neither can they regret the payout they had to incur as he has proved to be a fundamental anchorage for the team. It is evidently clear that Kirk Cousins have remained to portray humbleness and gratitude all through his two games. This article enables you discover more about Kirk Cousins.

To begin with, Kirk Cousins has during the two matches maintained a well pocketed presence. He coordinates well with his team mates and this is very much fundamental. He is keen to details and he will immediately acknowledge the place where there is pressure and he will always avail help. He is always upfront and ready to step up and avail the throw required. He is a reliable team player as he doesn’t keep the football for himself and he usually passes it to the next player fast. He is not selfish and he understands that one team player can never win alone hence the need to pass the ball fast.

Secondly, Kirk Cousins has managed to portray a high level of gravity and mental toughness. It is through his mental stamina and the way he conducts and handles himself on the field that motivates the other team players. Kirk has motivated and encouraged his team mates to always pop up and take initiative where they identify an opportunity. This is one of the traits that he affirmed in these two games as he would always take leads whenever he acknowledged pressure and where he finds deem fitting.

Finally, Kirk Cousins has portrayed skills when it comes to the distribution of the football. Basically, the people of Minnesota are learning more about team work and sharing the glory as a team since Kirk’s era began. His throws are error-free as he does the with a lot of calculations and keenness. He is always passing the ball to other players without being biased whatsoever.

The above info helps you understand some fundamentals about Kirk Cousins. The team players are now enjoying a high level of teamwork and this creates a joyous and peaceful atmosphere. There is a lot of expectations form the fans and the team members and the team will eventually move to heights in this Kirk Cousins’ era.